The Safety by P. Edmund Fischetti

A dramatic, soul-stirring Novel that tells a story about a young athlete's attempt at stardom. Guy Finelli at age 13 is mentally destroyed by the murder of All-Pro Safety Sean Taylor. Months of depression leads to mistakes, but eventually he recovers for a chance to fufill the legacy of his grandfather's and father's football greatness.

Published 2015 in Paperback and on Kindle

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Big Train's Backyard by P. Edmund Fischetti

A great baseball Novel about an aging veteran slugger who turns on a power streak that electrifies a Nation. He discovers love, family, a new pain medication and maybe a chance to come home to the land of  The Big Train - Washington D.C. 

Published 2013 in Paperback and on Kindle

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Griffith Stadium - Home of the Washington Nationals 1911-61 Homestead Grays 1940-48 Washington Redskins 1937-61

Located at Georgia Avenue and W Street in Northwest Washington DC, Griffith Stadium was home to Major League & Negro League Baseball, and NFL & NCAA Football. It is now the site of Howard University Hospital. 

Walter Johnson(The Big Train) played 17 years of his 20 year Washington National career at Griffith Stadium including a World Series Championship in 1924 and World Series heartbreak loss in 1925. He was perhaps the greatest pitcher of all time.

Josh Gibson played five years of his Negro Baseball league career at Griffith Stadium including two Negro World Series Championship in 1943 & 1944 for the Hometown Grays. He was perhaps the greatest catcher of all time.

Sammy Baugh(Sligging Sammy) played his entire 17 year career at Griffith Stadium from 1937-1952 including two NFL Championship in 1937 & 1942. He was perhaps the greatest QB, Safety & Punter combination player of all time.



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If you are a reader it is the worst of times. Most "best-sellers" are written and published by the most popular authors pretty consistently. Occasionally a great new author breaks through, but rarely.

And the best of times. The independent publishing movement has produced millions of new authors. Like new music, they are sometimes hard to find. Many authors publish E-books or on Kindle but not in print.  

"The Martian" was published independently as an E-Book before it was put into print and became a hit movie.

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